The Calabrian Municipalities to the Government: “Help is needed immediately”


By John

Financial difficulties and staff shortages are crushing the Calabrian municipalities, the first outpost of the most varied requests from citizens. Mayors are the main witnesses of the difficulties present in the territories and, often, they are unable to cope with the multiple functions delegated to local authorities. For these reasons, ANCI sent it to the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgettito the holder of the Ministry of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosiand to the undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council, Alfredo Mantovanoand to the State Accountant, Biagio Mazzottathe regulatory proposals of the Association of Municipalities to be included in the new Budget law «to complete a path of efficiency and above all of strengthening useful for providing answers to the growing needs of our citizens».

Attached to the meeting request, ANCI sent a summary note on the main issues of interest to Municipalities and Metropolitan Cities on which the government is asked to «pay due attention, with a view to medium-term analysis and solutions». «As everyone knows – we read in the letter – the Municipalities sector is, among the levels of government, the sector that has contributed most over the years to spending containment policies, which has reduced its staff in a context of functions growing and which has diligently implemented the legislation on fiscal federalism”.

We start from request for extension to 2026 and increase to 40 million per year of compensation for structural loss of revenue from car taxesby the increase in the fund for the financing and development of the fundamental functions of the Provinces and metropolitan cities, for 50 million euros in favor of the metropolitan cities, starting from 2024. And again: the abolition of the sanction for non-compliant Municipalities with respect to the service objectives (social, nursery schools, transport of students with disabilities), with maintenance of unused sums to redistribute them for the same purposes.