The Calabrian projects of the “new” Pnrr. Spotlight on territorial healthcare and Zes


By John

Save already started projects through the strategy of “communicating vessels” or by shifting projects that cannot be implemented by 2026 to other sources of financing. It is the common objective of the government and the Region not to disperse the work carried out so far on Pnrr projects. The reshaping of the recovery plan decided in Rome will closely affect the Calabria especially on two fronts: the Special economic zone and the new territorial health system.

Community homes and hospitals

The modification proposal developed by Minister Raffaele Fitto mainly concerns new buildings, for which the construction by June 2026 is at risk.

The canceled investments will in any case be carried out, in the manner already programmed, ensuring financial coverage through recourse to the national resources of the investment program in healthcare construction and technological modernization pursuant to article 20 of law no. 67/1988 or through the reprogramming of cohesion policy resources (FSC). A measure designed precisely to deal with any delays. With reference to the community houses, the plan highlights how «between 2021 and 2023 the increase in construction costs for a typological intervention, resulting from a bill of quantities for each of the four macro-categories of relevant works (structures, building works, water and mechanical systems, electrical and special systems), fluctuates between 24% and 66% depending on the Regions considered». The Calabrian council, right in the drafting phase of the “first” Pnrr, “added” 19 million FSC funds to create more community houses. The remodulation and use of other funds in addition to those of the Pnrr should allow, in the event of a postponement of the times compared to the 2026 deadline, to conclude the works even after the deadline set by the European Union.