The “cemetery massacre” in San Lorenzo del Vallo: life imprisonment for Luigi Galizia


By John

Life imprisonment. The fifth criminal section of the Court of Cassation confirmed the life sentence of Luigi Galizia, 42 years old, accused of double murder. The man was believed to be the material executor of the so-called “cemetery massacre” in San Lorenzo del Vallo in which they lost their lives on 31 October 2016. Edda Costabile and Ida Attanasio.

The two women were shot dead while they were praying in the family chapel. This is the second cassation judgment celebrated against Galizia who – according to the prosecution – acted to avenge the death of his brother, Damiano, murdered on 26 April 2016, in Rende, by Franco Attanasioson of Edda and brother of Ida, who was then arrested and confessed the paternity of the crime.

The corpse of Damiano Galizia he was found, wrapped in a carpet, thanks to the information provided by Attanasio. The man was then convicted with a final sentence for the crime which occurred due to a debt that he had contracted with the victim and which he was unable to pay.

The Supreme Court issued the final verdict against Galizia yesterday evening shortly after 11pm. Galizia, defended by lawyers Cesare Badolato of the Court of Cosenza e Pier Paolo Rivello of the Rome Bar, he has always protested his innocence. Lawyer Badolato declared: “I remain convinced of his innocence and I hope the possibilities for a review process will open up.”