The collaboration between the Fire Brigade and the University of Calabria has been signed


By John

On 23 April 2024, an important framework agreement was signed aimed at collaboration between the Regional Directorate of the Fire Brigade and the University of Calabria.

The Framework Agreement signed by the Regional Director of the Fire Brigade, Maurizio Lucia and by the Rector of the University of Calabria Nicola Leone provides for a general agreement, to be concretized with specific implementation agreements, aimed mainly at encouraging:

  • the exchange of information, data, information flows on matters of mutual interest;
  • mutual general collaboration and assistance of a technical-scientific nature, in all fields in which an interest on the part of the contracting parties is recognized in the implementation of joint projects and programs (conferences, conventions, teaching, research, etc. );
  • studies on vegetation, forest and interface fires in urban-rural environments aimed at active fight, prevention and investigation of the causes;
  • the development and implementation of “sector studies” on technical safety and fire prevention issues, also in collaboration with third parties;
  • collaboration to initiate and/or develop synergies with other public or private entities in matters of mutual and community interest;
  • the preparation and implementation of seminars within the framework of bachelor's and master's degree courses, post-graduate and specialization courses envisaged by current regulations, in the areas of common interest of the contractors;
  • the carrying out of training and orientation internships for students and graduates of the University at the CNVV.F offices. which they deem most appropriate.

The framework agreement does not provide for specific obligations to be borne by the contractors. Satisfaction was expressed on the merits by the Regional Director of the Fire Brigade, Maurizio Lucia who, in expressing appreciation towards the Rector Leone for the sensitivity and attention paid to the deed of understanding, hoped that concrete initiatives capable of qualifying mutually even more so and the National Fire Brigade and Unical, in the interest of the Calabrian territory and beyond.