The cooking courses of the Maccaroni chef Academy arrive in Cosenza: when tradition overcomes borders


By John

A new formula that aims at experiential tourism capable of enhancing territorial identities. Here, in Cosenza, the cooking courses of the Maccaroni Chef Academy. “Culture, taste and identity as keys to development for experiential tourism – says Corrado Rossi, founder of the Maccaroni Chef Academy, a cooking academy which for years has confirmed itself as a point of attraction for food lovers but also for important international buyers and tourists who they visit Calabria. We started with the awareness that the “future” has an ancient heart, tradition”, states Rossi.
“Starting from what our grandmothers passed on, in 2017 we started the first courses or rather “cooking labs” for foreign tourists and others who visited our city. In 2019 the boom, in the months of June and July alone more than 300 visits. We entered the international circuits of an important foreign buyer, then Covid stopped us. The new groups have started again since March 2022, we are confident and we have many requests but it's not just tourism”, explains the manager. “Every week we have many enthusiasts who sign up for our courses, we are sold out. We have always believed in what our beloved land can give. We represent that “positive” part of a generation that invested despite all the difficulties. We only regret that sometimes when tourists come to us they are disoriented, we (Calabria) have not yet managed to give a tangible sign and an offer capable of making groups stay here for longer. At the moment I'm just passing through. It's the usual “hit and run” but in our case this is fine too.”
The amateur courses coordinated by the house chef Roberto Spizzirri, are held every evening from Monday to Thursday, the evening audience is varied from mothers to young couples to professionals. The food experience is in great demand, i.e. the creation of a “typical” menu that can be proposed again at home for an evening with friends and relatives.
“We define ourselves, explains Rossi, as “guardians of time”, which today is the most precious resource for ourselves and to be shared with the people we love. The academy also deals with catering and large events for the PA in which we enhance food and wine excellences such as the Cedro di Santa Maria, the bread from Cuti, the Sardellina from Ciró and the nduja from Spilinga as well as the Bergamot from Reggio Calabria”.