At the birthplace of Soverato, years of unfulfilled promises


By John

The reopening of the birth center of the Lower Ionian hospital seems increasingly distant. But the mayor of Soverato Daniele Vacca it is not resigned to the idea of ​​giving up such an important service and continues to carry on the battle, especially through the involvement of the other responsible bodies.
«It is a question of civility – he stated during a conference a few days ago – not only for the city, but for the entire area that the hospital covers. I am sure that with President Occhiuto, Commissioner Battistini and Director Gallucci, with whom important discussions are underway, we will complete our aim.”
At the time, the only reason behind the closure of the birth center in Soverato was linked to a structural inadequacy of the delivery room which was promised a quick restyling.
Since then, over 4 years have passed with promises and announcements of reopening periodically made by the former mayor Ernesto Alecci and the former senator Silvia Vono.