The death of 22-year-old Francesco Caruso, Letojanni shaken by the tragedy: the family chooses organ donation


By John

There were very few hopes from the beginning and they were definitively gone today. Francesco Caruso he didn't make it, he died along with his dreams in Taormina hospital due to the very serious injuries sustained in the accident on Saturday afternoon on State Road 114 in Spisone.

The 22-year-old from Letojanni was hospitalized in a coma in the intensive care unit and never recovered, so much so that on Sunday evening the procedure to ascertain brain death was started and concluded during the night.

A case that also shocked the doctors, for such a young life was tragically cut short. Mother Sabrina and father Enrico, heartbroken by the pain they faced with great composure, accepted the proposal to donate their organs, thus making a gesture of great generosity and altruism that will save other lives.