The derby is yellow and red: Messina beats Catania. Emmausso drives “Franco Scoglio” crazy


By John

Messina – Catania 1-0

Marker: 26′ st Emmausso
Messina (4-3-3): Fumagalli 6.5, Ortisi 6, Manetta 7, Pacciardi 7, Salvo 6, Firenze 6.5, Franco 6 (16′ st Scafetta 6), Frisenna 6.5, Ragusa 5, Plescia 6 (16′ st Zunno 6.5 ), Emmausso 7. On the bench: De Matteis, Di Bella, Darini, Ferrara, Tropea, Giunta, Cavallo, Luciani, Zammit. All.: Modica 6.5
Catania (4-2-3-1): Livieri 6, Castellini 6, Curado 5.5, Silvestri 5, Mazzotta 5.5, Zanellato 6, Quaini 5.5 (18′ st Zammarini), Chiricò 6 (36′ st Chiarella sv), Deli 6 (28′ st De Luca), Marsura 6.5 (18′ st Bocic), Dubickas 5 (28′ st Di Carmine 5.5). On the bench: Bethers, Maffei, Lorenzini, Rocca, De Luca, Rapisarda, Popovic. All.: Lucarelli 5.5
Referee: Virgil of Trapani 7
Notes: Booked: Franco, Manetta, Salvo, Emmausso, Frisenna, Firenze for Messina; Chiarella for Catania. Angles: 2-7. Recovery time: 1′ and 6′

The derby is yellow and red. At the “Franco Scoglio” Messina celebrates the success (1-0) over Catania at the end of a match with a blocked first half and few opportunities and a clearly local second half. The two teams do not discover each other, but it is the Etna team who have the best chances with Marsura and Dubickas, but Pacciardi saves twice on the line. For the Giallorossi, attempts by Frisenna and Ragusa fail to hit the target. In the second half, Messina manages the game and, three times, Ragusa has the lead but wastes badly. At 26′ the decisive episode: Zunno steals the ball from Silvestri and appears in front of Livieri but loses time to tap into the net; the ball reaches Emmausso who, with a precise right-footed shot, scores. It’s the 1-0 that holds until the final whistle with Messina who, in front of over 6 thousand spectators, wins the second, deserved, consecutive victory and continues the race towards the safety zone.