The great designer Gaetano Pesce, famous for the Up armchair project, has died. The master would have liked to donate one of his works to Catanzaro


By John

Is dead Gaetano Pesce, the great designer and artist, famous for the Up armchair project. He was 84 years old and passed away in New York. «It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of the visionary creator Gaetano Pesce» says a post from his staff on Instagram. Born in La Spezia in 1939, Pesce had studied architecture and industrial design in Venice. She lived in Helsinki and Paris and had been living in the United States since 1983.

Pesce, one of the major interpreters of international contemporary culture, had expressed in 2020 the desire to donate the “Suffering Majesty”, one of his most important works, to Calabria. «In 1969 – the well-known architect and designer had stated – I designed my “Up 5 and 6” armchair to denounce the condition of women in the world, oppressed everywhere by the prejudice and arrogance of man. Today, half a century later, all this is still valid, which is why I created the “Suffering Majesty” whose enlarged shapes recall those of the armchair from fifty years ago.”

«After Piazza Duomo in Milan – Pesce highlighted – where it was exhibited in 2019 during the Salone del Mobile, this important work of mine was requested by a cultural institution in Stockholm. But I believe that my work should remain in Italy and, as my student and art critic suggests Stefano Morelli, of Calabrian origin, it is important that he goes to Calabria. The perfect location would be the Biodiversity Park of Catanzaro, so that his message of denunciation resonates louder. For me and my collaborators, seeing the work and its meaning in Calabria would make us particularly honored.”