The intersection of cultures and knowledge at Unical in Rende thanks to theatre, music and cinema


By John

The Unical auditorium theater confirms that it is one of the most important cultural agencies in the urban area. The theatrical, cinematographic and musical season delivers truly original and significant posters to the public.
Fabio Vincenzi directs the activities proposed by the university, guided by Nicola Leone. Activities that span all seasons of the year, stopping only in August.
Vincenzi is working in three directions at Unical: music, theater and cinema?
«Nothing is ever banal in the proposals that the university makes to satisfy the university public, the vast territory and the many foreign students from all areas of the world who frequent the campus. A poster also made for foreign students of whom there are many. We put forward different proposals compared to other theaters to tell stories that resemble what we are experiencing: wars, social instability, just to give some examples. Let's also try to tell the Calabria that we are through a fluid game of artistic contaminations.”
Can you help me understand the overall cultural operation through the names of three actors?
“Certain. We chose Tony Servillo, because he talks about Greekness, connecting it with the great culture of our country. A Greekness that our land is imbued with. We proposed Davide Nia because he talks about landings and the drama experienced by thousands of migrants and this too is something that concerns us closely: think about what happened in Cutro. And we wanted Ascanio Celestini because he tells us, with musicians on stage, the pandemic which has been a mine for Italian culture, emptying rooms intended for book presentations, cinemas and theatres”.