The new hospital in Cosenza has ended up in a dead end


By John

The new hospital remains printed on a map without coordinates, squeezed into a straitjacket that has seen different cultures and political ideologies face each other for years. A work that has repeatedly entered and left the bureaucrats’ rooms, and which has seen the light in mountains of papers, sketches, reports. That idea, however, at a certain point, had become a project within a feasibility study which had framed the Vaglio Lise area as the most convenient.
A path that has tried in vain to free itself from a legacy that weighs like a boulder on the development of Calabria. AND after believing we were close to the finish line, the road began to climb again and the choice of Palazzo dei Bruzi had to face a new unpredictable disruption generated by the resistance of the Region. Surprisingly, a management decree from the Citadel has upset the balance along the Cosenza-Catanzaro axis. An act of strength which, essentially, disavowed the choice of the single site, already approved by the City Council, widening the possibility of building the new Annunziata hub in other places other than the railway yard area. The alternatives indicated would be Unical and a third location not yet identified (Muoio Piccolo?).
Waiting for the official start of the battle before the TAR (the appeal will be discussed on 25 October by the former minister Angelo Piazza)is the president of the municipal council, Giuseppe Mazzuca, to suspect that the Region’s move could be a throw in the towel to definitively put a tombstone on the project of the new “Annunziata” hub. «Which promises to be yet another mocking “unfinished”. Governor Roberto Occhiuto is doing everything, not leaving out any detail, to ensure that the work turns into a colossal abortion.”
The new “Annunziata” in a dead end? Mazzuca is convinced of this and puts together the matrix, path and deviation of a work that may no longer be created. «In February this year, the hospital company, with a specific agreement, delegated to the president of the regional council all the obligations connected to the construction of the new hospital. Immediately afterwards, Inail, which “took responsibility for the entire financing of the work, drew up – as was right – a timetable, the first step of which was scheduled for next September 30th and envisaged the start of the procedure for awarding the design”.