The new Reggina, four days for the future


By John

Very tight deadlines for the new Reggina. The Municipality’s public notice for sending expressions of interest expires on September 7th at 1pm. Anyone who wants to restart football in Reggio Calabria will have to move by that date. You will have to do this not only with a declaration, but also by illustrating your project and providing useful information to evaluate its financial solidity. The Municipality, on the basis of the evaluations carried out, will identify a proposal to be indicated for the purposes of accreditation with the FIGC, with the final acceptance which will be up to the Federation itself.

Whoever is chosen will then have until 12pm on September 11th to submit the application to register for the Serie D championship. In that circumstance, a cashier’s check for 400,000 euros will have to be attached for the supernumerary registration, provided for by article 52 paragraph 10 of the Noif. A figure to which must be added a commitment of a further 50,000 euros, taking into account the 31,000 euros of guarantee required for registration and the other obligations required by the rules to register for the championship.

Then we will have to think about the championship and to the planning of a season that has no alternative to being designed with a Reggina (beyond the provisional name it will bear) that must be ambitious from the start.
Among those who are ready to commit themselves personally to the future of Reggina there is Nicola Amoruso. The former striker is one of the most beloved footballers in the history of Amaranth and also has a past as a manager in Reggio Calabria between 2011 and 2013.

When asked by “Gazzetta del Sud” about his possible involvement, he confirmed the news released in recent days. «We are evaluating – he explained – with my partners, Iuliano and the entrepreneur Lello Saladino, the possibility of participating in the expression of interest for the acquisition of Reggina».
A possibility that arises from the relationship of great affection that binds him to Reggina and its fans. Alongside him there would therefore be his former Juventus teammate Mark Iuliano and Carmine Saladino, president of Maticmind. The group operates in the ICT sector and has a turnover of over 400 million euros.

The lawyers and professionals appointed by the three will discuss with the municipal administration to assess the existence of the conditions for the expression of interest to be presented. The former amaranth bomber underlined that the idea is to present «a technical, sporting and financial project» solid and balanced team that will “soon” bring Reggina back to the professional categories.

We are now waiting for the other options to come out into the open. Massimo Taibi has already declared that he could be involved in the project of another business group from outside Reggio. The other option is, however, a consortium of investors from the city, ready to join together to create a Reggina that is once again an expression of the territory.
In the next few days, however, it is expected that at least two other options may emerge.