The new Reggina unleashed: officers Mungo, Ricci, Engineers and Bianco. Cosenza and Barillà are there


By John

Accelerated decision for the new Reggina on the new arrivals front. The first officer is the midfielder Dominic Mungo who joins the club with a two-year contract. Born in 1993 in Castelnovo ne’ Monti in the province of Reggio Emilia, he grew up in Parma’s youth team. In 2016 he signed with Cosenza Calcio where in his second year he won the promotion play-offs scoring six goals. After a season in Serie B again with the rossoblù club, in 2019 he signed a two-year contract in Teramo and then moved to Viterbese.

The arrival of the midfielder is also official Manuel Ricci who joins the club with a two-year contract. Born in 1990 in Anzio, he grew up in the youth sector of Lazio. In the 2010/11 season, in Serie C1, he made 23 appearances for Monza. After his experiences with Pergocrema and Avellino, he signed a two-year contract with Salernitana and then moved first to Reggiana and subsequently to Lupa Roma. In March 2017, he reached an agreement with Anzio where he remained there for two seasons, making 36 appearances and scoring eleven goals. In the 2018/19 season, he returns to the Lega Pro signing with Matera (16 appearances, eight goals). From January 2019 and for the next four seasons he wore the Potenza shirt where he reached 116 appearances before moving to Juve Stabia.

But the management of Lfa Reggio Calabria is very close to closing other deals. We are just waiting for the announcement Francesco Cosenza And Antonino Barillà. Both are footballers from Reggio, who grew up at the Sant’Agata sports center and are one step away from embracing the project of the new club. He is also ready to be added to the list Alessandro Provazza, another product of Reggina’s youth sector. The attacking winger, born in 2003, played for Vis Pesaro in Serie C last season. The central defender was also signed Andrea Engineers (for him, long experience in Serie C with some appearances in Serie B) e Gabriel White (left-handed winger) who last year was at Pro Sesto, also in Serie C.