Cateno De Luca shows up in Monza and attacks Salvini: “Whoever left Rome as a thief is now the thief in Rome”


By John

“Competence without borders, I fix other people’s disasters…”. This is the slogan with which Cateno De Lucaleader of ‘South with North’ and mayor of Taormina, has launched the electoral campaign for his candidacy in the by-elections to the Senate on 22 and 23 October. De Luca presented his project in Monzawhere he proposes for the single-member constituency 6 Lombardia.

«It will be a different electoral campaign, not only because there will be the provocateur De Luca who irritated Matteo», said De Luca, «but because there is a piece of Italy that doesn’t come with hat in hand. I am not unemployed, neither politically nor professionally. We aim to represent the people.”

I ask myself «why has those who started from “thieving Rome” today become the thief inside thieving Rome? I want to ask Salvini.” These are the words of Cateno De Luca, during the opening of his electoral campaign in Monza. «Among you there is a person who came to Sicily, at the time he was an important exponent of the League, who wanted to study Cateno De Luca, because Bossi had understood the direction the League had to take. He didn’t care, because they broke my legs, because in Sicily if you don’t do what they tell you you’re screwed and if you don’t accept protection… I’ve had eighteen trials». Then De Luca added: «I would like to understand why Salvini doesn’t love me, we brought him gifts», while «I am his forbidden dream, he wanted me to run for the presidency of the Region and I told him no».