The patron of Catanzaro Noto vitriolic: “It’s a pity not to play at home immediately, the company’s fault. Disappointed by the Administration of Lecce”


By John

The opening begins with a due thank you to the subscribers: “It is important to thank them for their contribution; with this figure we have reached a new historical record”. Subsequently, the focus shifts entirely to the issue of the stadium: on the rapidly completed construction sites, on the evident delays still present, and on the forced exile of Lecce which is causing concern. Floriano Noto speaks again in front of the microphones, announcing that, despite the apparent brevity, there are many things to say. In particular, reference is made to the meeting with the bishop to organize the blessing of the much awaited new “Ceravolo” stadium. Noto begins with the idea of ​​avoiding controversy: “I want to clarify that the municipal administration has done its best and I mean it sincerely. They worked with passion, allowing us to play at home on Wednesday against Spezia, but not on Sunday against Ternana. Here nobody is to blame except for the electricity company in charge, which has proven to be inadequate, also forcing us to expand the team”. There is no resentment against the mayor and the councilors, despite some annoyed statements on social media. The goal is to avoid blaming others: “There is no point in looking for blame now. We are angrier than everyone, because we will lose earnings and have additional costs for this unforeseen move. It will be a year in which we will have to show a lot of stability.”

However, playing the first home game away from home, with few fans in the stands, will be neither easy nor pleasant. Noto explains that they tried to open the stadium to the maximum, but met resistance from the Lecce administration: “In the initial resolution, the problem of the patronal feast was not mentioned, but then they guaranteed us that they could play on the 27th. Then, they changed their minds, citing the quick removal of the amusement park from the parking area as the reason. This attitude was not appreciated, and their responsibility is greater. We will see if we can assert our reasons”. Thanks to a ministerial circular, the situation is partially resolved by opening part of the stadium to fans, but tickets will be sold freely. “Whoever arrives first, finds a place”. With regard to season-ticket holders, Noto explains that something will be done for them. Noto is sorry, because this year there was great enthusiasm from the fans, with over four thousand season tickets subscribed, an all-time record. Subscriptions will be extended. Finally, Noto returns to talking about the stadium: “If we want a stadium in the centre, we have to face problems, such as the few accesses for fans and gates that block the exit routes. The current position is not logistical. “Ceravolo” could become a sports center for the youth teams. However, we can’t pass the cost of the stadium on to the club. We need adequate public support, otherwise it won’t be possible to build it, because fifteen million is too much.”