Municipality of Sellia Marina commissioner for building abuses. Mauro: wrong measure


By John

There is also the municipality of Sellia Marina among the 30 municipalities for which the regional council, led by the president Roberto Occhiutoresolved the commissioner, due to inertia and failure to comply with the necessary supervision of urban planning-building activity, in terms of control of the territory and repression of illegal activity, with the aim of countering one of the scourges afflicting the regional territory, replacing where the administration of the local authority did not intervene.
The mayor of Sellia Marina Francesco Mauro, however, does not agree and disputes the procedure initiated by the Regional Council, against the Municipality administered by it, as well as the methods with which it was implemented. “There should have been no commissioner, on the 3 disputed practices in Sellia Marina – said Mauro – a simple preventive dialogue was enough”.
The mayor then referred to a meeting he had in the regional Citadel with the director of the Environment department Savior Seville and with the manager Paschal Famous. «Cards in hand – explained the mayor of Sellia Marina – I showed them that the different approach and communication defects between the municipal and regional offices on the activity carried out, led to a misunderstanding which unjustly led to the appointment of the commissioner as acta on the disputed practices. It is about sole 3 practices of minor building abuses (and not eco-monsters!) by private individuals, referring to 2019 which are already defined for compliance or amnesty. The regional resolution, among other things, for 2 of them incorrectly reports the date 2018 “.