The Pnrr is struggling in Calabria, squeezed by Rome: zero tolerance for delays by Municipalities


By John

Stop delays by Municipalities in the implementation of Pnrr projects. For non-compliant entities, the repayment of the resources received will be triggered, until they end up paying out of their own pocket. The latest official update (dates back to February 1st), regarding Calabria, marks the arrival of resources equal to 11 billion for a total of 12,142 projects started. The “trouble”, however, is that of the latter only 777 have been completed, equal to just 6.4 percent. A worrying situation to say the least if we consider that for some “missions” – as the macro areas of the Plan are defined – we are still stuck in the zero box. This is the case of Infrastructure and Education-Research. Digitalisation, Health and Cohesion also remain at stake.
In any case, to turn the page, Palazzo Chigi, and in particular the Ministry led by Raffaele Fitto, will send commissioners to three Ministries (University, Interior and Labour) to speed up some investments: the creation of 60 thousand new places in university residences, the recovery of assets confiscated from the mafia and the overcoming of illegal settlements in agricultural fields. The government will also be able to take responsibility for itself if it finds “misalignments or inconsistencies” with respect to the timetables of the interventions that the implementing bodies are called upon to update on the ReGis reporting platform. In fact, once the 21-day deadline within which to provide clarifications has elapsed, or if the timetable is still inconsistent with the assessment, the substitutive powers are triggered.