The protest begins, hundreds of tractors in Brussels. The EU neighborhood is in shambles


By John

It started at the first light of dawn the new farmers’ protest in Brussels. Hundreds of tractors are blocking several streets in the city, in particular near the European quarter, where the meeting of the Agriculture ministers of the 27 is being held. The farmers, who arrived from various European countries to protest against the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Green Deal, blocked rue de la Loi, in the direction of the Europa Building where the meeting of ministers will be held. Many firecracker explosions. Several tunnels closed: Reyers-Centre, Tervueren, Cinquantenaire and Loi. The Schuman and Maelbeek metros were also closed. The tractors arrived in Brussels during the night.

The police used water cannons to put out some fires lit by farmers on tires piled up on Rue de la Loi, the main avenue that divides the headquarters of the Commission from that of the Council. According to initial estimates, there are at least three hundred tractors on site.