The protest of the interns in Cosenza: “Politics keeps its promises”


By John

The Calabrian interns have returned to demonstrate this morning in front of the RAI regional headquarters in Cosenza. The story concerns 4,200 workers awaiting stabilization. «They call them interns – declared the union representatives of the regional secretariats Nidil Cgil, Felsa Cisl, Uil Temp and Usb Fd – but in reality they are workers who keep essential services alive in many administrations and in many local authorities. We ask that politics be serious, responsible and keep faith with the promises made on several occasions. We ask that in the Government's next budget measures the resources necessary for the contractualization and stabilization of these workers be found and allocated.” In the coming weeks, the government will have to provide for the procurement of approximately a further 60 million to be added to the five already allocated to give substance to the rule passed in the Milleproroghe which provides for hiring exemptions that allow Municipalities, Provinces and Metropolitan Cities to absorb the 4,200 workers. Alongside the protesters also the mayor of Cosenza Franz Caruso.

«There is a need to provide stability, because today – said Caruso – they are there and tomorrow, if there is no law that stabilizes them and that will provide financial coverage, they will be out of the job market. And they are not kids, many of them are definitely not kids, but they have been working at the service of the institutions for many years and they deserve to be guaranteed as all workers should be guaranteed.”

Mayor Franz Caruso next to the 4 thousand Calabrian interns: “Make sure their future and that of their families”

The mayor's support continues, strong and determined Franz Caruso to the 4 thousand Calabrian interns, of which 50 working in the Municipality of Cosenza, who this morning gave life to a new sit-in in front of the RAI regional headquarters. Together with the Mayor of Cosenza, the personnel councilor also took part in the demonstration Damiano Covelli and city councilors Concetta De Paola, Assunta Mascaro And Andrea Golluscio.

“I will always be close to these women and these men – stated Mayor Franz Caruso, participating in today's initiative – who rightly protest for having ensured their future and that of their families through the recognition of the rights deriving from the work they carry out at our local authorities. In fact, precariousness and uncertainty have been influencing their lives for over a decade and it is time to say enough, giving financial concreteness to the Milleproroghe Decree aimed at allowing local administrations to announce selections for their hiring for 18 months for 18 hours a week. To date, in fact, the relevant spending commitment of around 65 million euros per year is still missing, although promised on several occasions by both the Meloni government and the Calabria region. Therefore, without making many more beautiful words, I ask, together with the 4 thousand interns and the trade union organizations who have never stopped fighting for the resolution of this dispute, that facts are finally produced, including in the budget adjustment scheduled in the next few days the sums necessary to guarantee our interns an employment contract worthy of the name. The Municipality of Cosenza, from this perspective, is ready to do its part to the full, aware of the importance of their presence in our offices, often leading to carrying out activities and services”.

“I therefore hope – concludes Franz Caruso – that the national Government and the Calabria Region, banishing the polemical memory of the past, which we all have so much to discuss, which only serves to exploit the precarious condition of our TIS, will become fully aware of the situation that these 4 thousand Calabrian workers live by pledging the sums necessary to ensure their working dignity and economic stability”.