The Rome DS: “Satisfied with this Messina”


By John

Just over ninety minutes, too premature to issue verdicts but the signals emerging from Cerignola give Messina fans and management hope. Sporting director Domenico Roma takes stock of the situation at the end (or almost) of the summer transfer market, who led the negotiations and completed operation after operation for the team. Although, again, some pieces could be inserted. This was revealed by the person directly involved: «We could close an operation, specifically we are looking into some profiles for the left wing that could be alternatives to Tropea. We are examining solutions, among the freed players but not only. There are still companies that can market. We’ll see, but we think we are not “obliged” to do so. Let’s say that we will close the discussions by the end of this week anyway.”
The alternative, evidently, would be the possible adaptation of someone in the left-handed lane if necessary.
«Let’s say that Mister Modica already had some ideas in mind, he even tried them. Having options, we didn’t push too hard to close deals before the final bell a few days ago. The express train didn’t arrive. Should no other additions arrive, we would still be happy with the squad and we therefore think we have the solution at home.”
Then there are Zammit and Darini.
«For the first we are only waiting for the definition of some bureaucratic steps, the second is in a group and has done the whole process with us. We are thinking about some aspects.”
Attacking speech. You followed, with an obviously interested eye, Dionisi and Ferrante, ready to strike the blow. Finally Plescia arrived. For some, a fallback compared to these names, but as has been said several times, it is a profile that has always been liked. Among the very first on the list of eligible candidates.
«The market is made up of dynamics in motion, it is not a static path. We observed some situations that could also interest us, big names like the ones you did. This does not mean that others are second best. I can say that many profiles were proposed to us, we waited a long time because we wanted to find the one best suited to our needs, to the characteristics of the game we plan to propose. And here is Plescia. We followed him too, only Avellino didn’t let him go right away, because he had done very well in the training camp. Then things changed and we intervened, convinced of the choice made. Vincenzo has been coming for two complicated years, thanks to some situations that maybe you don’t even know. Here we are seeing him with a mad desire to take what he thinks he is worth. He wants to demonstrate, to be the protagonist. We are aiming for this spirit.”
In Cerignola many absences, heavy in terms of experience and personality, but some signs have nevertheless arrived that can be considered encouraging. Although there is still a lot to do as it is at the beginning of the season.
«We had certainties, determined by the construction of the team and the human as well as sporting values ​​of the boys who were chosen. Then obviously when they arrive from the field, they are worth more in the general calculation. Regardless of the result, the expression of the game and the physical state were convincing. That made us understand that we were fine. Could we have done more? Maybe yes, but Cerignola is a difficult field and many will suffer. We had personalities, despite the absence of players like Manetta, Franco and Ragusa. Ferrara, Florence and Plescia who are not yet at the top, Buffa himself. So we think we still have weapons that we can exploit, hoping that they will yield what we expect».
First glimpse of your personal return to the Giallorossi, should it therefore be considered positive?
«We operated as we wanted and for this we must thank the owners and the president Pietro Sciotto who was close to us and granted us what we asked for. Let’s leave aside the budget and guarantee issue, he has really shown that he wants to play football. Personally, I hope that all the components can row in the same direction, in order to push Messina ever higher, as this place deserves.”
Daily. Yesterday, meanwhile, the entire team worked (including Bucca), with the exception of Captain Ragusa (different). Small-field match. Peppe Salvo’s biennial anniversary has been made official.