New pedestrian area in Catanzaro, Fiorita compared to the majority


By John

The mayor intends to speed up the discussion on the pedestrian area Nicola Fiorita who has summoned the majority councilors to Palazzo De Nobili for tomorrow morning. The establishment of a permanent closure to traffic on a stretch of Corso Mazzini, in the historic centre, and of a part to be identified in the area of ​​Via Progresso and Via Commercio in the seaside district requires broad agreement, first of all from a political point of view : the intention is to build a plan that is supported in a compact manner, such as to resist even in the face of possible criticisms which, after all, have always characterized the debate around the pedestrian area.
The next step will be that of external discussion, in particular with the traders in the areas concerned: in the historic centre, with those whose businesses fall between Piazza Grimaldi and Piazza Santa Caterina, near the Police Headquarters. The comparisons will have to take into account various logistical aspects, which is why representatives of the local police will also participate, called to have their say on the appropriate changes to circulation in that area and also on the best ways to guarantee easy access to residents and users of the pharmacy which is located right in the heart of this stretch.