The Vibo library system sends books to female students in Iran


By John

The Vibo library system sent books to Iran after the “recent events in the Middle East which saw Iranian students brutally burning books and educational materials”. A choice, it is written in a note, «strongly symbolic that of the Vibonese Library System which, at the instigation of the outgoing president Fabio Signoretta, has decided to take a clear position on the 'Iranian question' on the topic of women and their rights. A clear stance made with a concrete gesture of solidarity and courage. With a positive bridge built thanks to the Mete Onlus Association, which has been involved in the protection of human rights in Italy and abroad for years, the English language books which had been brutally removed from availability were therefore partially returned. of young Iranian students, thanks to the availability of the assets of the Vibonese Library System”. The Mete Onlus Association, led since 2015 by Giorgia Butera, made the direct experience of Mojina Dourandish, who personally delivered the texts to Iran, available to this initiative. «Ours – says Signoretta – is a gesture that wants to significantly establish the prevalence of culture and education over war and divisions. Looking the other way when faced with the injustices that happen in the world means underestimating the possibility that those same injustices could be consumed in our contexts tomorrow without others coming to our aid. It is for these reasons that I chose this donation as the last act of my mandate as president of the Vibonese Library System and I sincerely thank Giorgia Butera, Mojina Dourandish and Mete Onlus for allowing this authentic desire to materialize.”