Luis Molteni, the “Italian Danny DeVito”, has died


By John

He died in Rome at the age of 73 Luis Molteni, actor and character actor nicknamed the 'Italian Danny DeVito' for his resemblance to the American comedian. Gianluigi Molteni, this is his real name, is currently in cinemas with the film “Romeo and Juliet” by Giovanni Veronesi. He had appeared in well 118 films and various TV series with sometimes marginal roles, in addition to theatrical shows such as “The abusive prince” with Alessandro Siani and Christian De Sica in the period 2015-2017.

Originally from Seregnoin Brianza, Molteni had begun his cinematographic career with Maurizio Nichetti in films «I made a splash» of 1980 and subsequent ones «Tomorrow we'll dance!», «Soap thieves» And “Snowball” (1995) e «Moon and the other» in the 90's. In 45 years of cinema you had taken part in films such as «Let's lose sight of each other» And “Honeymoons” by Carlo Verdone e “Pinocchio” by Roberto Benigni. He also made many appearances in TV series from «Police District 2» to «Elisa di Rivombrosa»to various editions of «Don Matteo»from «Inspector Coliandro» to «I'm Lillo».

«We will remember you for your Danny De Vito “de noantri” look»the Nuovo Imaie, the mutual system for interpreters, and for «your love for theater and passion for cinema. You're still on screens with Romeo and Juliet. We'll see you there. In the meantime, dear Luis, enjoy the journey”.

Luis Molteni's career: from “I made a splash” to “Romeo is Juliet”

Luis Molteni has had a long and prolific career, starting in the 1980s with maestro Maurizio Nichetti. He has played roles of all kinds, from protagonists to character actors, in comedy, drama and crime films. Among his best-known films are:

  • «I made a splash» (1980)
  • «Tomorrow we'll dance!» (1982)
  • «Soap thieves» (1991)
  • “Snowball” (1995)
  • «Moon and the other» (1996)
  • «Let's lose sight of each other» (1994)
  • “Honeymoons” (1995)
  • “Pinocchio” (2002)

Complete filmography: