Theft in the changing rooms during the Atletico Pagliara-Città di Troina match. The guests were missing money and valuable items


By John

In the afternoon, during the Atletico Pagliara-Città di Troina match, an unpleasant episode of theft occurred inside the rossoblù team’s locker room. The members of the ASD Città di Troina, once they returned to the bus at the end of the meeting, discovered the lack of cash from their wallets and some valuable objects.

The theft was presumably committed during the match, when the changing rooms were temporarily unmanned. It is a source of great regret that such incidents can occur in a sporting context, where mutual respect and loyalty should be the fundamental principles.

The ASD Città di Troina expresses its indignation at this unpleasant event and asks the competent authorities to clarify the matter, ensuring that those responsible are identified and punished according to the law.

The episode not only casts a shadow over the sports day, but also raises questions about safety at sports facilities. The rossoblù club hopes that appropriate measures will be taken to prevent similar incidents from happening again in the future.

The ASD Città di Troina communicates that in the next few hours it will file a complaint with the competent authorities. The club, however, remains focused on its sporting activities and trusts in justice to ensure that this unpleasant episode is resolved as quickly as possible.