There are 32 “unpresentables” in the next local elections on 8 and 9 June


By John

I am 32 candidates for the next local elections are 'unpresentable', according to the anti-mafia self-regulation code for candidatures. This was announced by the president of the anti-mafia commission Chiara Colosimo during the hearing at Palazzo San Macuto.

In total, there are 71 candidates reported by the National Anti-Mafia Directorate, but the Commission has assessed that only 32 of them are in a situation of 'conflict' with the code.

In addition to the 32 unpresentables, the Anti-Mafia Commission reported the presence of 13 candidates who had been either mayors or members of the council of seven municipalities dissolved due to the mafia. To the 32 candidates reported as 'unpresentable according to the self-regulation code, the president of the anti-mafia parliamentary commission Chiara Colosimo has in fact communicated the addition of 13 candidates «who have held the position of mayor and member of the council, limited to the municipalities dissolved according to the 'article 143 of the legislative decree of 18 August 2000'.