They set fire to two cars, leaving two people from Cassano in prison


By John

The Carabinieri of Cassano all'Ionio have implemented a precautionary custody order in prison issued by the investigating judge of Castrovillari at the request of the local prosecutor's office against the 38-year-old Francesco Cavaliere and the 35 year old Giuseppe Campolongor, both known to the police, as they were considered to be seriously suspected of the two damages followed by fire which occurred on the night of 24 April last, when, in the populous Lauropoli hamlet, two cars parked respectively in via San Giusto and in via Alfonso Rendano.

The investigative activity carried out by the Carabinieri, coordinated by the magistrates of the Castrovillari Prosecutor's Office, was expressed in analysis of video surveillance footage, inspections, comparisons and findings which allowed us to reconstruct – at a circumstantial level – the conduct of the two subjects drawn from the precautionary measureto be considered presumed innocent until a definitive conviction becomes final.

Behaviors reconstructed at a high probability level and which would have taken shape, with different roles, in the planning, organization and subsequent execution of the two crimes.

Upon completion of the ritual formalities, Francesco Cavaliere was transferred to the Castrovillari prison, while a Giuseppe Campolongor the restrictive measure was notified directly in prison, where he was already restricted as he was detained for other crimes.

It is understood that, given the current phase of the proceedings, still within the scope of the preliminary investigations, the elements acquired lead to a judgment of circumstantial gravity, which is also shared by the Judge, pending the elements that the suspects will want to adduce in their favor and which will be subject to verification.