Reggio Calabria, had no contact with the 'Ndrangheta: former parish priest Don Nuccio Cannizzaro was also acquitted on appeal


By John

No contact with the 'Ndrangheta, no complicity or favoritism towards clan leaders Don Nuccio Cannizzaro, the former parish priest of the Condera district and today at the helm of the church of San Giorgio al Corso, in the heart of Reggio Calabria. Acquitted at first instance, acquitted on appeal: ten years after the sentence of the Collegiate Court (14 July 2014), the appeal of the General Prosecutor's Office of Reggio Calabria against the acquittal was rejected in the first degree trial “Connection-System”.

Don Nuccio Cannizzaro, defended by lawyers Armando Veneto and Giacomo Iaria, with the collaboration of the lawyers Agatina Fortugno and Antonella Modaffarihad ended up on trial for having made false statements during defense investigations in order to facilitate an 'Ndrangheta gang.

The Appellate Judges (president Olga Tarziajudge advisors Pietro Scuteri and Laura Palermo) have accepted, especially for the most serious cases of crime – mafia association and the aggravating circumstance of having acted by facilitating the ndrangheta – the appeals advanced by Fortunata Loredana Barchetta, Antonino Gennaro Marcianò, Santo Crucitti, Michele Crudo, Francesco Gullì, Nicola Pellicanò, Carmine Polimeni and Domenico Polimeni.
The accessory penalties were also revoked and the return of the seized goods was ordered.