Those who earn over 35 thousand euros a year pay 62% taxes


By John

Taxpayers with higher incomes at 35 thousand euros they are 13.94% of the total and pay 62.52% of income taxes on natural persons. This is what emerges from a study by Social Security Itineraries which highlights how 47% of Italians (including children) do not pay personal taxes.

The total income produced in 2021 and declared in 2022 for Irpef purposes amounted to 894.162 billion, for a revenue generated of 175.17 billion (157 for ordinary Irpef; 12.83 for the regional surtax and 5.35 for the municipal surcharge), up compared to the 164.36 billion of the previous year. The number of registrants (41,497,318) and taxpayers/payers, i.e. those who pay at least 1 euro of Irpef, are increasing, rising to 31,365,535, the highest value recorded since 2008.

«It is not acceptable – comments Stefano Cuzzilla, President of Cida, confederation of company managers – that just over 13% of the population bears the burden of almost half of Italians who do not declare income and find benefits in a tangle of benefits and supports, often granted without verifying their actual need. A 13% who earn from 35 thousand euros gross and above, and who for this reason cannot benefit from the cut to the tax wedge because they are considered too rich and cannot protect themselves from inflation even when they reach retirement, again because they are considered too rich”.