Catanzaro loses their third match in a row to Venezia. And in 15 days the derby at Ceravolo with Cosenza


By John


MARKERS 25′ pt Pohjanpalo (V) penalty, 40′ Ghion (C), 46′ Johnsen (V)
VENICE (4-4-2) Bertinato 6; Candela 6, Altare 6, Modolo 6, Sverko 6 (30′ st Dembélé 6); Pierini 5.5 (20′ st Zampano 6), Tessmann 6, Busio 5.5, Ellertson 6 (20′ st Bjarkason 5); Pohjanpalo 7 (30′ st Gytkjaer 6), Johnsen 7 (44′ st Lella sv). All. Vanoli 6.5
CATANZARO (4-4-2) Fulignati 5; Situm 6 (29′ st Katseris 5.5), Brighenti 6, Krajnc 6 (44′ st Biasci sv), Veroli 6 (29′ st Miranda 6); Sounas 6 (22′ st Brignola 6), Ghion 7, Pompetti 7, Vandeputte 6; Stoppa 6 (22′ st Ambrosino 5.5), Iemmello 6.5. Annex Vivarini 6
REFEREE Santoro of Messina 6.5
NOTE Spectators 7,765 of which approximately 1,000 guests, takings of 121,074 euros. Bjarkason sent off 44′ st. Booked Situm, Modolo, Gytkjaer. Corners 1-3. Rec. 2′; 7′

It was a mission impossible or almost impossible and so it was. Catanzaro lost their third match in a row in Venice and like the other times they can easily eat their hands. The hosts have a different engine, but the decisive goals in the 2-1 that strengthened their second place were kindly conceded: first the penalty converted by Pohjanpalo (foul by Fulignati on Ellertson with too high a defense), then the encore by Johnsen with half the field practically free after the beautiful (and deserved) equalizer signed by Ghion.
The first half was in the hands of the Eagles’ phrasing for a long time, Venezia more sly and lucid, something they were unable to do in the second half, when they did not take advantage of at least three chances to close the score by taking advantage of a logically more unbalanced opponent led by a generous Iemmello . Going by results, not performances, the international break comes at the right time for Vivarini. In 15 days it will be the derby at the “Ceravolo”.