Threats and insults to the Rai journalist after Catanzaro-Cosenza, the story recomposed and the role of institutional synergy reaffirmed


By John

After a few days of tension, the affair involving the national councilor Ussi was resolved as was logical. Antonio Lopez, for years a highly appreciated colleague of the regional headquarters of Rai Calabria, a voice and face of transparent correctness and impartiality.

The controversies that arose after the derby and the comments regarding the incidents after the Cosenza-Catanzaro match were sealed with joint action and now the positions have been moved to a wide field that has nothing to do with sports reporting, as much as the presence on the territory of the Rai.

Antonio's presence on the radio station for “Tutto il calcio minute by minute” had an even more symbolic value considering that in the booth with him was the excellent chief editor of Rai Calabria Riccardo Giacoianot only a son of art, but a descendant of a singer of sport and of the Calabrian one in particular like Emanuele, an unforgettable voice and extraordinary professional.

We were invited not to perhaps involuntarily fuel official positions on the eve of Catanzaro-Reggiana, exposing our colleague even more to the fire of the various social channels.

However, now is the opportunity to highlight the timely intervention also in this case not blatantly but concretely of the president of Lega B, Mauro Balata, with the support of the media office of the League itself and the words of the president of the Catanzaro company devoted to the path of distancing the attention and tension towards Antonio Lopez. Interventions that were invaluable.
National Ussi, in obvious synergy with the Calabrian group of the Italian Sports Press Union, renews its support and appreciation to Antonio Lopez, considering his story symbolic in order to once again affirm the values ​​that inspire every professional journalist who loves his job and He clearly talks about sport, which is a subject most exposed to moods and passions.