Cohesion funds, that's not how it works. The Metro City of Reggio is studying the appeal to the TAR


By John

The president of the Anci, Antonio Decaroand the coordinator of metropolitan cities, Dario Nardellaon behalf of the mayors of the 14 metropolitan cities gathered in Rome, sent a letter to the minister Raffaele Fitto to urge the involvement of metropolitan cities in the definition of the cohesion agreements that are being signed in recent weeks with the Regions.
Among the Metropolitan Cities “bypassed” by the agreement signed between the Government and the Region there is also Reggio Calabria and this has not yet been metabolised by the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà, who, after the Roman meeting, threatens to go even beyond the letter from the ANCI and to take legal action before the judges of the Regional Administrative Court to block the agreement signed in Gioia Tauro by Prime Minister Meloni and the governor Eyed. «At the signing of the Gioia Tauro agreement – ​​states Falcomatà – the Metropolitan City was invited as a simple spectator and not as an actor as required by law. For this reason I have given a mandate to the Legal Office of Palazzo Alvaro to study the matter carefully and, if the conditions exist, to appeal to the TAR to stop the effects of the cohesion agreement. We do not accept that we have been left out of such important decision-making processes for the future of our territory.”