Three days of guided visits to the Regional Museum of Messina to discover Caravaggio


By John

On the occasion of the exhibition Following Caravaggio with a “vigorous and colorful manner”, set up at the Regional Museum of Messina until 14 October, the Aeolian Tourist Guides Association Messina Taormina offers three days of guided tours. A unique opportunity, a journey through the rooms of the historic former spinning mill of the Museum, told by qualified tourist guides from the Sicilian Region, who put their expertise and professionalism at the service of art on a daily basis.

The exhibition is an exceptional event that brings together the works of great artists who were contemporary with the master and of the followers who during the seventeenth century drew inspiration from Caravaggio’s innovations, from Deodato Guinaccia, to Filippo Paladini, to Giovan Simone Comandè, with large rooms dedicated to Mario Minniti and Alonzo Rodriguez, Pietro d’Asaro and the Flemish. From the most immediate Caravaggism, the rooms of the former spinning mill – masterfully set up for the exhibition – then wind between naturalism, classicism and baroque with works by Giovan Battista Quagliata, Antonino Barbalonga Alberti, Nunzio Rossi and numerous case studies. The paintings reveal part of the lesser-known collection of the Messina museum deposits and boast loans from Palazzo Abatellis in Palermo, from the Civic Museum of Castello Ursino in Catania, from numerous Sicilian churches and private collections. The exhibition is curated by Elena Ascenti, Giovanna Famà, Alessandra Migliorto and Donatella Spagnolo.

The three events, created in collaboration with the Director of the Messina Museum, the architect Orazio Micaliwhich has also arranged for the exhibition rooms to be open in the evening, will take place on Sunday 3 September, at 7pm and 9.30pm, Saturday 16 September at 5pm and 6pm and Sunday 1 October at 10am and 12pm.

«It is a great opportunity to collaborate with the prestigious Regional Museum of Messina. In the wake of this event – declares Giuseppina Florio, president of the Aeolian Messina Taormina Tourist Guides Association – we had the opportunity to study and delve deeper into the historical-artistic panorama of Sicily and Messina in the times of Caravaggio. Thanks to the exhibition of paintings from various parts of the island – he continues – we accompany our visitors on a journey through history to discover well-known or little-known artists, who worked between the end of the sixteenth century and the beginning of the seventeenth century. Starting from the dictates of the Counter-Reformation and Mannerism, we will show how Sicily reacts to the power of Caravaggio’s message.”

Reservation is mandatory. To ask for information on timetables and any costs and timetables and to book your tour, simply call or send a whatsapp message to 371 4171565 or write an email to (email protected)

The “Aeolian Tourist Guides Messina Taormina” Association represents a group of qualified multilingual tourist guides from the Sicilian Region who have been operating in their homeland for many years with passion, preparation and competence. It offers guided tours of cities, archaeological sites, museums, naturalistic areas and more, guaranteeing professionalism, courtesy and competence resulting from a constant commitment to study and updating and in-depth knowledge of the area.