Calabria, the craft crisis: in 10 years 5,303 entrepreneurs lost


By John

Staying in the world, surviving in this southern portion of Italy has become very complicated, especially for those who live with little or nothing. The indicators have long been imbued with negativity. Beyond impromptu liturgies, the entire Calabrian productive world lives in the midst of stormy currents with artisan businesses perpetually in the red. Difficulties that leave wounds in the side of an already fragile regional economic system. The reports of the trade associations report inconveniences, collapses, abandonments. The latest study is the one produced by the CGIA of Mestre which reveals a mass flight from craftsmanship. Throughout Italy, in the last decade, 324,605 ​​entrepreneurs have thrown in the towel, with an index of 17.4%. In Calabria, from 2012 to 2022, according to the processing of INPS data, 5,303 artisan businesses have permanently closed their shutters. In 2012, the companies registered were 40,310, in 2022, after a decade-long nosedive, the number was reduced to 35,007, with an overall contraction of 13.2%. According to CGIA experts, different phenomena weigh on the collapse of the craft industry. Not only are young people less and less interested in working in the sector, but also those who have practiced the profession for years and, despite not having yet reached the seniority or contribution level to benefit from the pension, often prefer to close their VAT number and remain in the market of work as an employee who, compared to the employer, certainly has fewer worries and more security.