Tropea, new anti-Semitic writing at the entrance to the town. Same hand as Parghelia’s?


By John

Another one written (and this time the root may not be anti-Semitic) appeared at the entrance of Tropeaa few kilometers away with the similar one highlighted a few days ago on the wall of the Parghelia stadium. On the other hand, it could be the same hand that made them (the red paint seems to be the same). In Parghelia, an insult to the Jews was written, followed by a swastika and, after the complaint by the municipal administration led by the mayor Antonio Landro has been removed. Gesture immediately stigmatized by the executive, the local community and the ANPI. In Tropea, not knowing the moment in which it was made, it is not so easy to contextualise it, but the Carabinieri of the Company will acquire the footage from the video surveillance system, because in these cases, fragments of the truth are sought from the cameras… and identifying the perpetrator we also get to the matrix.

In Tropea therefore, according to what was reported on social media, the writing appears to have been there for several days and the blame lies in not having immediately removed it. “For about a week – reports Ernesto Stella – this writing has stood out at the entrance to the town as a sad welcome. A similar one, a few hundred meters away, was instead promptly covered. Why this difference? I am deliberately writing this today because I hoped that the wait for January 27th would not be in vain.” Among the comments, that of the deputy mayor of Parghelia stands out: “It must have been the same hand as the writing that was on the wall of the Parghelia sports field” thus highlighting how his team promptly condemned and denounced the gesture, taking steps to erase it. Certainly the Tropean case broadens the hypotheses, also looking at the current geopolitical context. However, even if everyone has their own opinions regarding the current conflict in the Middle East, rightly or wrongly, expressing one’s thoughts through irreverent anonymous writings can cause disturbance, especially because, in conjunction with Remembrance Day… it definitely clashes.