Truck catches fire in tunnel, next Sunday's Giro d'Italia route at risk


By John

The route of the Giro d'Italia is called into question by the conditions of the 'Capo di China' tunnel on the Cassino – Sora highway in the province of Frosinone, closed to traffic due to the fire of an articulated lorry with trailer which occurred inside it on Friday morning.
The Giro caravan, according to the program, was supposed to cross the tunnel in the Atina area next Sunday. But at the moment there is no certainty about the passability of the road. The “Meridiana Ambiente” has freed the tunnel from the incinerated semi-trailer but it will be up to the Anas technicians to establish how much and what damage has been recorded to the structure, whether it can be reopened to traffic and with what limits, whether the Giro caravan can cross it in conditions safety.
At the moment ordinary traffic from Sora is exited at the junction for Atina Superiore and readmitted onto the artery from Belmonte Castello. The same happens, with inverted junctions, for traffic from Cassino.