Messina, after De Luca's diktat comes the “I obey” of councilors and councilors


By John

It is an internal count of the South Calls North movement. Cateno De Luca, with his “diktat”, wanted to bring out into the open those who, in his opinion, were “plotting against” or preparing the move to other shores, after the sensational cases of the past, more (the regional deputy Alessandro De Luca Leo, expelled from the party) or not (Senator Dafne Musolino) recently. And today the ScN leader – who will be discharged from the Polyclinic in the morning – will hold a press conference in the afternoon at Palazzo Zanca.
The answer was there. Councilors, presidents and members of the investee companies have made it known to the mayor Federico Basile that they are ready to sign their letters of resignation in the event of a general reshuffle. At the moment, however, there should be no “revolution”. The city councilors did the same, with a document signed by everyone, except Sara Di Ciuccio, who was also the recipient of an expulsion order, as in the case of De Leo.
Members of the council groups of “South calls North”, “Basile Mayor of Messina” and “With De Luca for Basile Mayor”, «at this particular moment, they express their closeness to the Hon. Cateno De Luca for a speedy recovery and great appreciation and sharing, for his constant commitment aimed at affirming the values ​​of our political family and for the realization of all the objectives for which our voters have shown us their trust, in the conviction that we all must take an active role in this crucial phase of the electoral campaign.
We recognize ourselves in the political-administrative program of the Mayor Federico Basile and we are committed to giving an “extra gear!” based on the methodology that Mayor De Luca introduced at Palazzo Zanca in 2018, and to make citizens increasingly aware of the many things we have done and those we intend to continue doing to guarantee the city of Messina increasingly high levels of urban services. We are all aware of the importance of greater commitment in view of the next European elections and the current moment requires a collective and coordinated effort to ensure effective and meaningful representation in the European Parliament. It is crucial to be united, deploying all available resources to promote the values ​​and objectives of our political family, mobilizing supporters and actively involving the community, as we know how to do, in order to guarantee a positive outcome that reflects our commitment and our priorities.