Tumor registry stopped for 7 years: here is the Calabria Region’s plan to restart


By John

Its establishment dates back to 2016, yet 7 years were not enough for the Regional Cancer Registry to be fully operational. Now the Region is trying again, also on the basis of the “reminders” repeatedly arriving from Rome – from the inter-ministerial tables – regarding the ground to be recovered on oncological screening and classification of tumor pathologies as well as the questions presented by some councilors who sit at Palazzo Campanella. The objective, to be achieved through the functioning of the structure, is the publication of the first report on tumors in the Region for an entire three-year incidence period.
The information used by tumor registries to identify new diagnoses comes from health, demographic and mortality information flows. In addition to the monitoring and surveillance of oncological pathologies, the data from the tumor registers provide useful information for health planning, the evaluation of the effectiveness of prevention measures, and the evaluation of access, quality and appropriateness of care. Today it is Gianfranco Filippellidirector of the complex Oncology operational unit of the Paola hospital, to lead the (recently updated) oncology network of the Region.