Two Ghanaian girls attacked “kicked in the face” by 20 racists in Germany


By John

In north-east Germany “a group of young people” attacked and racially insulted two Ghanaian girls aged eight and ten. The youngest was “kicked in the face” by one of the attackers who injured her “slightly” and she was taken to hospital. The website of the newspaper Die Welt wrote this today, summarizing police information and specifying that the episode occurred “Friday evening” in Grevesmühlen, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The group was made up of “around 20 people”, specifies the site. “When the girls' parents intervened, up to eight people also attacked them, slightly injuring the father,” it added. And «even after the police arrived, an unidentified person allegedly insulted the victims using racist words. The eight-year-old girl and her father were taken to hospital by ambulance, police said.” For the Grevesmuehlen attack, the investigation is being investigated for “breach of public peace, aggravated personal injury, incitement to hatred and insults”.