Cosenza, protests break out within the Democratic Party over the Palazzo dell'Edera


By John

The palace of discord. The skeleton of an unfinished multi-storey building stands at the entrance to the motorway junction. It has gone down in the political-administrative history of the city as the “Palazzo Edera” whose construction, in the part considered illegal, was blocked by the mayor Giacomo Mancini. The socialist leader even ordered the demolition of the non-compliant buildings, requesting and obtaining the help of the military engineers.
The other day the city council approved an agreement that will allow complete and redevelop the building by allocating the accommodation that can be obtained to people in need and in economic difficulty. The agreement brings together Aterp, the Municipality and the Region. The initiative, greeted with satisfaction by the majority and with the silent assent of the opposition, was not liked by the internal opposition group active in the democratic party. And so Giacomo Mancini, Sergio De Simone, Alessandro Grandinetti And Saverio Greco they signed a harshly contested document.