UFOs “land” at the US Congress: “Now we want the truth about non-human biological remains”


By John

Congress wants the truth about UFOs from the US government and hears, during a public hearing, three witnesses who directly experienced unidentified aerial phenomena. Among these the star David Gruscha rebadged former intelligence officer and US Air Force veteran “the UFO mole”.

Before the deputies Grusch reiterated that he was aware, “through information received from others”, of the fact that the United States is in possession of “alien spaceships” and have found “non-human biological remains in areas where spaceships have crashed. The US, he accused, “has been hiding a program for decades” to capture UFOs. Grusch confessed to Congress that his coming out of the closet about unidentified aerial phenomena and his decision to call the government into question “cost him a lot, both professionally and personally.”

Despite this, his battle goes on because it is necessary to clarify. In addition to Grusch, two former Navy pilots, Ryan Graves and David Fravor, also told the deputies about their experiences, going into detail about their in-flight sightings. “They are not rare or isolated events. I military and commercial air pilots often witness such phenomena» said Graves, explaining how the meetings are so common that they are now also discussed in the briefings that precede flight operations.

Fravor described his face-to-face encounter with UFOs in 2004 near San Diego to MPs. The former pilot had been sent on a routine operation when he was confronted with a huge object that flew just above the water. The incident that went down in the news as ‘Tic Tac Ufò was filmed by television cameras and subsequently made public by the Pentagon. The stories of the three witnesses have strengthened the will of Congress to shed light on UFOs. “We’ll find out what’s been covered up.

This is an issue of government transparency,” said Republican Congressman Tim Burchett, one of the most fervent supporters of the need to make information available on unidentified aerial phenomena. Also calling for greater transparency on the part of the government on UFOs is the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, who recently introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to make public all government documents related to UFOs. unidentified phenomena.