Ukrainian marine drone strikes Russian tanker near Crimean Bridge


By John

“The explosion of the Russian tanker Sig carrying fuel for the Moscow troops was a special operation of the Ukrainian military services and the Navy”, writes Rbc-Ukraine citing intelligence sources and specifying that the explosion was caused by a surface drone with 450 kilos of TNT. The tanker was loaded with fuel and was in Ukrainian territorial waters, near the Crimean Bridge. Since 2019, this ship has been subject to US sanctions for transporting oil and fuel from Russia to Syria. The Ukrainian media have released an audio recording in which the crew of the tanker Sig hit by the surface drone in the Kerch Strait in the night reports that the ship cannot move by itself as the engine room is flooded. According to the Russian media Baza, the Sig was in one of the areas of the Kavkaz cargo port. The impact of the drone affected the engine compartment and the pump room. The crew is currently handling towing in port. The sailors on board suffered abrasions, Baza reports by posting images of the damage inside the cargo on Telegram. Sig is one of the largest tankers in the Russian Federation (built in 2014, almost 5,000 tons).

After the night attack on the Russian tanker Sig, the head of the Kiev Security Service (SBU) advised the Russians to “to leave the territorial waters and land of Ukraine”. The Ukrainian media write about it. «Any attack on Russian ships or the Crimean bridge is an absolutely logical and effective step against the enemy. Moreover, such special operations are carried out in the territorial waters of Ukraine and are completely legal,” Malyuk said.