Catanzaro, political verification to change the Giunta. Dialogue also with the Donato-Guerriero area


By John

A reshuffle of a political nature rather than determined by an assessment of the activity carried out in the first year of the mandate. From the parts of the majority this is the version of the facts with respect to the now imminent modification of the municipal executive by the mayor Nicholas Fiorita. Moreover, the mayor himself in recent days, receiving the early resignation of the councilor for social policies Venturino Lazarushad explained that «the continuous emergencies of the city, many of which come from afar, impose a sort of pact between the progressive coalition that won the ballot, but not the elections, and a moderate area that is different from the sovereignties and from extremism”.
Therefore, a step dictated precisely by the need to certify the now completed expansion of the government structure to members arriving from the ranks of the opposition: a part merged into the Antonello Talericoanother in the Mixed Group.
The idea, therefore, that is the most popular among the benches of the government structure is that there is “more solidity”; it being understood that the expansive movement may not have stopped completely, with an uninterrupted dialogue – despite the hard-nosed confrontations in the Chamber – between Fiorita and the group of Valerio Donato with Gianni Parisi and the area headed by Robert Guerrierowith Stephen Veraldi.
Therefore, if the intention is to “support” the numbers in the Council, then it is possible that there will be no upheavals other than some targeted substitutions, with the release of the technical figures and their replacement with those expressing the new numbers. In addition to that of Lazzaro who has now left the executive, in this phase the positions of Aldo Casalinuovo And Nino Cosentino: both had fish to fry during the year, between staff shortages (at Sport) and existing contracts that certainly didn’t make overall management (Environment) simple, without neglecting the bitter controversies of recent months on the maintenance of public green areas .
It should stay in place Marinella Giordanothe other technical figure that Fiorita had presented together with Lazzaro shortly before the ballot, while the positions of Giusy Iemma And Donatella Monteverdi (the only two elected to the Council) but also Marina Mongiardo (expression of the Schlein-Crystal area) e Raffaele Scalisewhose powers the mayor does not intend to discard.