US primaries: Trump beats Haley, Biden wins but protests over Gaza mount


By John

Donald Trump beats Nikki Haley, wins the first elections in Michigan and takes a new step towards the nomination. Victory also for Joe Biden even if the vote of the 'uncommitted', the non-aligned, exceeded the organizers' expectations, capturing around 15% of the votes.

“It's a great success for the pro-Palestinians in our country and for the anti-war movement,” says Abbas Alaeih, the spokesperson for Listen to Michigan, the organization that promoted the boycott of Biden for his approach to the war in Gaza. For the president, the vote of the uncommitted, represented above all by Arab-Americans, is a sign of concern when looking at the November elections. From Biden's campaign they are trying to reassure by highlighting Trump's weaknesses who, despite his victories, demonstrate that he is unable to capture at least 30-40% of Republican voters, those who voted for Haley in these first rounds of primaries.

A considerable sum which could cost him victory in the White House and which, according to observers, should attract the attention of the Republican Party. Michigan is one of the key states in the race for 2024. Trump won it in 2016, beating Hillary Clinton by 11,000 votes. In 2020, however, it was Biden who won it with a margin of only 2.78%. Despite the new defeat, Haley does not back down and reiterates her commitment to staying in the running at least until Super Tuesday. “We're on a boat and we can go down with it and watch the country go to the socialist left or we can take the life raft and go in another direction,” Haley said, using a metaphor during an interview with CNN. For the former ambassador, the road is becoming increasingly narrow to stay in the race, but her campaign continues to appear optimistic, convinced that the votes captured by Haley are a demonstration of the split in the Republican Party which, with Trump as candidate, risks losing in November even in the face of a weak Biden.