Verona surprises Lecce: Folorunsho takes care of it. Follia D'Aversa, headbutt to Henry


By John

Lecce-Verona 0-1
NET: 17' pt Folorunsho
LECCE (4-3-3): Falcone 6; Gendrey 6, Baschirotto 5.5, Pongracic 6, Gallo 6.5 (25' st Dorgu 6); J. Gonzalez 6, Ramadani 5.5 (35' st Blin sv.), Oudin 6 (35' st Pierotti sv.); Almqvist 5.5 (15' st Piccoli 5.5), Krstovic 5.5, Banda 6 (25' st Sansone 6). On the bench: Samooja, Borbei, Venuti, Touba, Rafia, Berisha. Coach: D'Aversa 6
VERONA (4-2-3-1): Montipò 6; Tchatchoua 5.5 (13' st Centonce 6), Magnani 6, Coppola 6, Cabal 6; Duda 6, Serdar 6.5 (30' st Dani Silva 6); Folorunsho 7, Suslov 6.5 (41' st Henry sv.), Lazovic 6 (30' st Mitrovic 6); Noslin 6 (13' st Swiderski 6). On the bench: Chiesa, Perilli, Belahyane, Tavsan, Vinagre, Bonazzoli, Charlys. Coach: Baroni 6.
REFEREE: Chiffi of Padua 6.5.
NOTE: windy afternoon, pitch in good condition. Henry (Verona) was sent off after the final whistle following the tensions that arose at the end of the match. Booked: Banda, Samson, Pongracic, Tchatchoua, Dani Silva. Corners: 11-6. Recovery time: 2' pt; 5' st.

Heavy victory for former Marco Baroni's Verona, who beat Lecce and joins Cagliari in thirteenth place in the table, moving away from the relegation zone, from which Lecce is unable to escape. The goal scored in the first half by Michael Folorunsho decided the match, which was enough for the Scaligeri to get the three points. The game was initially blocked, with a Verona team more focused on the way the game was played and a Lecce team ready to restart. However, Baroni's team found the advantage in the 17th minute, thanks to Suslov's pass between the lines for Folorunsho, who shot from distance and, aided by a deflection from Baschirotto, sent the ball into the goal.

Lecce loses the match and their coach Roberto D'Aversa loses control after the defeat at home against Verona. The Giallorossi coach was sent off by referee Chiffi following a headbutt given to striker Thomas Henry, in the final brawl that broke out after the final whistle. Tempers had already flared up in the final minutes of the match between the French striker and Pongracic, but the episode involving the Giallorossi coach was even more nervous at the end. D'Aversa was also challenged by supporters of the Curva Nord, who invited the coach to remove the disturbance.