Vibonese events, missed appointments and questionable choices


By John

It is undoubtedly an anomalous summer, from a cultural point of view, that of Vibo. A summer that is even difficult to tell, just as complex as next autumn could turn out to be. The money, where it was necessary, however, was pulled out. And when it comes to summing up, it turns out that it was those events that the city needs most of all to stay alive in the crucial months of the year that paid the price. Well, the August bill presented by the administration speaks for itself: the events are mostly organized by the Proloco of the city center and Vibo Marina, by the associations, by the parishes, by various committees and theater companies.
In essence, the Municipality relies on the world of volunteering, associations and the third sector in general, but there is almost no trace of its events. Of course, then for some shows – it was announced – the money is found and the resources come out. Not really peanuts. For the Pink Ribbon Tour, in July they were redistributed to various professional and non-professional figures and also to those who had to perform and did not, only to recover a few days later, around 50 thousand euros. Despite the difficulties, the Municipality has given help to many. All legitimate, mind you. It is always and only opportunities that are discussed for an institution that until recently had a deficit of over 50 million, reduced to just over 30 million thanks to the intervention of the State and the ad hoc measures desired by the parliamentarians of the territory, to the accuracy Giuseppe Mangialavori And Riccardo Tucci. To Caesar, what belongs to Caesar!