Vibonese healthcare managed part-time, the Democratic Party ready for the “barricades”


By John

A large public demonstration, a demonstration that makes the voices of the now exasperated citizens heard, in front of the headquarters of the provincial health authority. It is the last resort that the regional councilor of the Democratic Party thinks about Raffaele Mammolitiin the event that his appeals and those of the people in the area once again fall on deaf ears “and are not listened to by the President of the Region”.

In presenting the final balance of his two years of activity within the Regional Council, as elected member of the Democratic Party, the former secretary of the CGIL does not hesitate, in front of the leaders and reporters, inside the headquarters of his party in point the finger at the management of an ASP that passes “from one commissioner to another without even a timid sign of change being visible”. Meanwhile, «the delays are accumulating – thunders Mammoliti – and what emerges in my eyes is the significant discrepancy between the reassuring answers received from Occhiuto to my questions and the actual passages in the territory which continue to not be recorded».

Fiery darts against the tenant of the Citadel «because it is not possible – claims the Dem exponent – ​​that five commissioners will be changed in five years and even, twice, a part-time one is appointed in Vibo. If it is not possible to assign ourselves a general director – asks the regional councilor – at least we be given a full-time commissioner”. Furthermore, “the hospital is now without a director of the unit, after Michelangelo Miceli retired”. And the delays are reflected in the territory, “where community homes and hospitals and proximity networks have not been built.” Urgent interventions are necessary, according to Mammoliti, also in terms of «staffing needs. In fact, there is no three-year plan that should be authorized by the Region. Otherwise we cannot move on to the competitions and related hiring.”

Concerns shared by all the dem leaders who attended: from the group leader in the municipal council Stefano Soriano to the provincial secretary Giovanni Di Bartolo, passing through the mayor of Arena Antonino Schinella, to various dem representatives, Giuseppe Conocchiella, Antonio Iannello and Rosalba Sesto. Together with them, also the emergency room doctor Marianna Rodolico to represent the needs of the doctors attacked and increasingly on the gridiron.