Villa Genoese Zerbi is reborn in Reggio Calabria thanks to the master ice cream makers


By John

Villa Genoese Zerbi comes back to life in Reggio Calabria. It does so thanks to the foresight and stubbornness of two artisans who have made the history of ice cream parlors in the city at the tip of the country. Enzo and his father, Don Tito Pennestrìhave realized their dream of creating in this historic residence, the flagship of Reggio architecture and symbol of the Reggio that was, of the families and of the opulence on the banks of the strait, the temple of high Calabrian pastry making and beyond .

“We are proud to cut this ribbon – declared Enzo Pennestrì during the inauguration which took place last night, in the presence of the city authorities and the press – not only for our company, but above all for our city. Today, in fact, we are giving back to the people of Reggio Calabria and to anyone who wants to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of this place, which remained closed for many years. I like to think – continued Maestro Pennestrì – that my fellow citizens and tourists, upon entering these places, feel like protagonists of a unique, authentic experience, which involves all the senses, especially sight, considering the magnificent panorama they enjoy can enjoy it and the palate, thanks to the vast range of preparations that we will offer.”
The renovation works on the villa, which was the exhibition venue for the Venice Biennale in Southern Italy, were carried out under the strict supervision of the Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria. The interventions currently concern only the annexes. All interventions are reversible and nothing is endangered. The monumental plants that were in a precarious state were maintained and new plants were planted to replace the dead ones.