“Walkabout Rossoblu” in the Marulla stadium, Cosenza in the heart: “No one called us, and yet…”


By John

“We learned from social media about the Cosenza Calcio initiative, “Walkabout Rossoblu”. However, we inform the fans, who are contacting us to extend their compliments and even make reservations, that the Cosenza nel Cuore association has not been involved in the slightest to date for this event. It’s worth remembering: August 26, 2016, is the day we started working on that tunnel, reduced to a minimum. We have restored light, color and passion to those 40 meters. A lot of money and a lot of time spent and we were overjoyed to have given our contribution to a lifelong feeling. In 2018 we were even received by the Sports Commission of the Municipality of Cosenza, to facilitate the opening of the Hall of Fame to the public, then nothing happened. On January 4, 2020, finally, in concert with Cosenza Calcio, we held the first and only tour, free of charge. A beautiful day that saw over one hundred fans involved. Subsequently, we had repeatedly urged the company with meetings and emails, the last one on 6 April addressed to the SLO, in order to reactivate the beautiful project, also involving the schools. We never got any answers.”