What to give for Christmas: tech ideas from PlayStation 5 to Amazon’s Echo-Alexa


By John

2020 is coming to an end and what could be better than rewarding yourself – and making loved ones happy – with a nice tech gift that combines the value of artificial intelligence with practicality and beauty? Between colored areas and bans, Italians are rewarding online shopping and while waiting for that pleasure of wandering the shelves between prices and offers to return, Gazzetta del Sud offers its readers a roundup of advice for all tastes.

Air Pods Max

We start with the latest product made in Cupertino. Announced and denied, the Air Pods Max (629€ in four shades) are among us.
The price far exceeds the competitors Bose and Sony, expectations are at their best. Apple guarantees maximum isolation with 9 sensors that detect movement, 2 optical sensors and a digital crown to adjust each setting. Excellent integration with devices to switch between phone calls and music, with very high aesthetics and excellent construction materials. The case is really uncomfortable to be desired but they are practically unobtainable everywhere, so if you find them on the shelves, do not let them escape.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox

On the console front, here is the PS5. We point out that the Xbox also arrived at the same time, and with the same price (€ 499), but the list of exclusives will be different. In this case familiarity wins – while noting that the Xbox can also be placed horizontally while Sony has chosen to build a very bulky structure that you either love or hate. And in March, Hogwarts Legacy arrives for both, the game dedicated to the Harry Potter saga. What more do you want to hold a controller?

Echo-Alexa (Amazon)

Alexa is now part of the family routine of many Italians. Amazon’s virtual assistant can read you fairy tales or recipes, forecast the weather or manage your alarm clocks; and again, she coordinates with home smart devices and can even tell you jokes or let you listen to the latest news.
Amazon rides the wave and after launching the Echo Auto upgrade (€ 34.99) that allows you to take Alexa in the car with you – watch out for profanity! – here is the fourth generation of smart speakers that become spherical: a hub with smart home hub support for Zigbee, Bluetooth and Low Energy mode. The increasingly high quality audio (the top remains Echo Studio at €199), under the tree you could give away (echo)RED, a limited version with charitable purposes (€99).

Roomba i7+ (iRobot)

By the way, Alexa also integrates Roomba i7+ or the top range of the iRobot house (€999 distributed in Italy by Nital) the vacuum cleaner robot equipped with the Clean Base automatic emptying which autonomously deposits the residues in its container in disposable sealed bags, cleaning your home in total autonomy.
With an increasingly performing app you will have access to the floor plan of the house, you will be able to assign names to the rooms and decide programs and cleaning routines without dispersion of dust. It talks to you, informs you of any obstacles or if there have been dirtier areas than usual and also has a Premium AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system, ideal for those with pets, double multi-surface rubber brushes and powerful suction 10 times higher than previous series. In short, the typical product that will really change your life.

Varta Power Bank Energy

Of course, by dint of taking photos, watching 4k videos and chatting, the batteries of our smartphones are increasingly stressed. So don’t forget to always keep a powerbank that’s right for you at hand.
The choice on the market is wide but Varta moves in this sector with great reliability and launches the new Power Bank Energy range, perfect for the on-the-go user who needs to have devices charged anytime, anywhere.
There are four models capable of recharging up to three devices: 5,000 mAh (€ 11.99), 10,000 mAh (€ 16.99), 15,000 mAh (€ 21.99) and 20,000 mAh (€ 26.99) always keeping keeping an eye on power surges and offering maximum overload and overvoltage protection.

TpLink RE190

And once at home, between devices and streaming, we can no longer afford sudden changes in connection. TpLink RE190 (€ 22.99) comes to our rescue equipped with Dual Band Wi-Fi up to 750Mbps and allows you to take full advantage of the potential of your internet connection.

Ideal for your evenings at home and also for smart working, without monopolizing all the family connection bandwidth.