When do they pay the single check in August 2023? Consult the Inps calendar – THE DATES


By John

When do they pay the single check in August 2023? Consult the Inps calendar – THE DATES.

The single universal allowance for dependent children Payments of the single INPS allowance will be made after 10 July for those who have not undergone any change in the amount.

Between the second and third week of August 2023the payment of the Inps Single Allowance should arrive, with the new amounts established by the Finance Law.

Those who already receive the Citizenship Income do not have to submit any application to receive the single universal allowance 2023.

  • * ATTENTION: To obtain the single allowance, without payment interruptions, all beneficiaries of the new INPS subsidy must present the ISEE 2023 form as soon as possible (if not yet in possession).

Increase in the single and universal allowance for dependent children

From 1 January 2023, a 50% increase in the single allowance was triggered for families with children under the age of one and for children aged between one and three years for families with three or more children and with ISEE up to 40,000 euros. There is also a 50% increase in the single allowance for families with 4 or more children. The increases of the single allowance for each dependent child with disabilities without age limits are confirmed and made structural.

Unique allowance 2023: increase for widowed parents

The Institute with the message February 17, 2023, n. 724 informs users of a novelty in the application ofSingle and universal allowance for dependent children in cases of widows and widowers.

The legislation provides that to families with two working parents one is provided increase of 30 euros per month for each child, this in order to promote female employment. The amount is due in full for an ISEE equal to or less than 15,000 euros, while it decreases for higher ISEE levels, until it is zeroed in cases of ISEE greater than 40,000.

This surcharge cannot be requested when the application is presented for a nucleus composed of only one working parent. However, taking into account the greater fragility of widows and widowersin agreement with the Ministry of Labour, the message specifies that the bonus will be automatically disbursed to widows and widowers, for the deaths of the second working parent that occurred in the year in which the allowance is recognized without having to apply for it.

Therefore, for grant applications submitted after 1 January 2022, the increase in question will be applied until February 2023 and will cease to be paid starting from the grant installment – if due – for the month of March 2023.

Single cheque: 14.3 billion disbursed in 11 months

From March 2022 to January 2023, checks totaling 14.3 billion euro were disbursed to households, of which 13 billion relating to 2022 and 1.3 billion relating to the first month of this year. This can be read in the update of the INPS statistical Observatory on the single universal allowance (Auu). Amounts intended for over 9.6 million children (27,000 new beneficiaries were added in January). In 2023, as a result of the revaluation, the basic amount of the allowance for each minor child, in the absence of increases, ranges from a minimum of 54.10 euros, in the absence of ISEE or with ISEE equal to or greater than 43,240 euros, to a maximum of 189.20 euros for Isee up to 16,215 euros, recalls the Institute. In January 2023, INPS also reports, the average amount per child, including the applicable increases, ranges from just under 50 euros (for those who do not present ISEE or exceed the maximum threshold which for 2023 is equal to 43,240 euros ), at 198 euros for the minimum Isee class (for 2023 equal to 16,215 euros).